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Saving and Secular Faith

The Word of Life: The Plot Twist that Changes Everything (John 1:1-5)

Plot twists force us to rethink everything in light of what’s been true from the beginning. This is what makes plot twists so interesting. In the prologue of John’s Gospel, Jesus is the “Word” that changes everything. He is the new twist to the plot that redefines everything.

Death and Afterlife

We’ve All Got God in a Box…

Let’s not be afraid to admit it. We all do it. Without it, we simply have no practical means by which to approach God. What am I referring to? We all put God in a box! We all have to do it or God remains an empty term, void of meaning and unable to guide any sustainable practice. The challenge is to make sure we never close the lid!

Heresies and How to Avoid Them

Orthodoxy shows why what we believe cannot be explained but can only be prayed. Orthodoxy is worship. It is the best human expression of divine mysteries. It attempts to preserve the mystery while simultaneously refusing to explain it away. Thus, orthodox belief is not some sort of easy way out of intellectual hard work; heresy is more often the easier option.

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