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Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Joker is the embodiment of pure nihilism. To the Joker, the world has no meaning; life makes no sense. The most sane response to an absurd reality is insanity, absurdity, chaos, and destruction. Unlike most villains Joker seeks no good – because there is no good. All attempts at good are insane. His only wish is to spread his madness to the world.

Blame It On Ego

It is not Eckhart Tolle’s desire for an authentic spirituality that I find troubling. Rather, it is the way his system inhibits true human flourishing. The human person cannot flourish when humanity, personality, and all that this encompasses – thinking, acting, feeling, etc. – are brushed aside as irrelevant, and even worse, a deceptive pathological delusion!

What’s It All About?

According to Baggini, the meaning of life is not “discovered” but “created.” Since “God is dead,” we are responsible to create meaning for ourselves. However, after an entire book committed to the methodologies of rationalism to speak of life’s meaning, he must abandon his rationalism in order to provide a satisfying answer to the meaning of life.

The Black Swan

Be skeptical of the ordinary, embrace the improbable, and realize that there is likely no overall meaning or significance to anything. This may be all the human intellect can provide, but it does not satisfy the human heart. We are left feeling a little bit like the turkey fattened for slaughter, wondering if anything we experience matters beyond the moment.

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