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Good News of God’s Gracious Love

Theologian Shirley Guthrie’s marvelous and inspiring reflection on the good news of the gospel: What it is. What it’s not. What it means for us. What we must accept!

The Gospel in Genesis (Genesis 12:1-13)

The Bible’s accurate portrayal of a good-but-flawed humanity clearly demonstrates that redemption comes not through human initiative but through divine faithfulness. The story of the Bible is the story of a God who is active in human history, bringing blessing in the midst of a fallen world. The good news begins in Genesis and climaxes in Christ!

The Divine Embrace

Our culture of narcissism feeds a spirituality of self-realization in the context of moral relativism. A spirituality with no beliefs to which one must adhere, no particular community to which one need belong, and no demands on one’s moral behavior is appealing to narcissistic individuals. Tragically, this is what many people mean when they say, “I am spiritual.”


The truth is that we are objects of God’s chase. We are being furiously pursued by none other than the living God. We no longer have to feverishly fight to maintain perfect faith. Instead, we can rest in God’s faithfulness.

It’s in God’s Hands… So Sow! (Mark 4:26-34)

The kingdom is beyond our control – and that is a good thing! The kingdom depends on God’s power, not human effort or agency. We are not responsible for its growth, but we are responsible to do one thing – scatter the seed on the ground. We play a role, but the growth itself is in God’s hands. “[We] see to the sowing and God sees to the growing.”

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