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Saving and Secular Faith

Why Faith Matters

The Doubting Prophet (Matthew 11:2-19)

How does God respond to our doubts? My answer takes the form of three statements: (1) Doubt is understandable because there is an inherent “scandal” in God’s ways; (2) Doubt is not condemned because it is faith taking itself seriously; and (3) Though doubt is not condemned, neither is it applauded. God calls us to walk by faith, not by doubt.

God With Us: The Search for a Loving God

“Of course, God loves me; that’s his job.” But apart from the incarnation, why would we assume this to be true? Let’s pretend Jesus was never born. Now, ask yourself, how can you be assured of God’s love? What reasons can you give that suggest you matter to God at all? What evidence exists to make the case for a loving God who is humbly interested in your welfare?

Confessing Christ: On Creeds and Confessions

A creed is a concise, formal, and authorized confession stating what a church believes and teaches. A creed attempts to summarize “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). It expresses the conviction that “continuity with that faith is the essence of orthodoxy, and discontinuity with it the essence of heresy.”

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