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Deep Thinking in a Digital World

New media offers real advantages, but always at a price, for “media aren’t just channels of information… they also shape the process of thought” (6). And what is the process of thought the internet rewards? The internet rewards swift skimming and undermines deep concentration and contemplation.

The Narcissism Epidemic

Understanding the narcissism epidemic is important because its long-term consequences are destructive to society. American culture’s focus on self-admiration has caused a flight from reality to the land of grandiose fantasy. We need a new cultural belief: if you love yourself too much, you won’t have enough love left for anyone else.

Upgrade Me

Sissy Nation

Shopping for God

At the end of the day, everyone is trying to sell something. Every person with a product or message hopes to communicate in a way that is compelling, persuasive, and convincing. In other words, they hope to influence another person. They package their message or product in such a way that it is most effective.

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