The New Demons

In spite of the rejection of the explicit language of religion, the "sacred" continues to exist and operate in our modern society. Though "Christianity is no longer the religion of the masses", humankind remains "just as religious as medieval man" (65), for the state is the new sacred, politics the new religion, and technology "the instrument of liberation… the god who saves."

Nowhere Man, Welcome to the Machine

In a civilization which has lost the meaning of life, the most useful thing a Christian can do is to live—and life, understood from the point of view of faith, has an extraordinary explosive force. We are not aware of it, because we only believe in “efficiency,” and life is not efficient. But this life alone can break the illusions of the modern world by showing everyone the utter powerlessness of a mechanistic view.

Bad Religion

In “Bad Religion” New York Times columnist Ross Douthat argues that “America’s problem isn’t too much religion, or too little of it. It’s bad religion: the slow-motion collapse of traditional Christianity and the rise of a variety of destructive pseudo-Christianities in its place”

Flunking Sainthood

It has been said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Jana Riess' new book Flunking Sainthood is an encouraging word to those of us who have approached traditional spiritual disciplines with good intentions, only to end up frustrated by failure.

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From Wild Man to Wise Man