About Me

Hi! My name is Rich Vincent and I am the Webmaster (webservant?) of TheoCenTriC. rich.jpg After 10 1/2 years of serving as Associate Pastor on the pastoral staff of College Park Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and 2 years of serving as Senior Pastor of NewLife Christian Fellowship in Glastonbury, CT, I am now the Senior Pastor of Immanuel Church in West Bend, Wisconsin. I have served here for over seven years and love it!

Outside of spending time with my beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and darling girl, Carmen (14), and my two boys, Owen (12) and Adam (10), I enjoy reading, surfing the web, watching movies, and listening to music.

My passion in ministry is to be an instrument to communicate to others the free grace, love, and acceptance God gives through the Son and in the Spirit. I believe that the greatest act of love is to help another love God more through Christ Jesus. This is our created purpose! We exist in order to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! I struggle hard to remain Christ-centered and God-centered (hence the name, TheoCenTriC) in my teaching, life, and worldview.

My theological position can be summed up as such: I am an Ecumenical Evangelical Mystic. I believe Christians are called to know a Person–Christ Jesus–more than anything else. This is a dynamic, living reality that takes place occasionally in the ecstatic, but mostly in the mundane, routine, humdrum of daily living! I believe that the overarching purpose of the Bible is not to give us formulas, principles, techniques, or how-to’s. Rather, I believe that the Bible is God’s self-disclosure of His glorious Person and Plan and the incredible and unpredictable ways He works this out throughout human history!

This website is my attempt to multiply my mission and ministry even further. It is my prayer that you would be edified and encouraged by the content of this site. More than anything, I hope that you will learn to center your life, thoughts, mind, and affections around the living God in Christ.

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