TheoCenTriC Stumbling Toward Christ

One Thing Needful


I genuinely believe most people don’t actively say “no” to Christ. I do believe, however, most people are actively or passively hypnotized by their own needs and desires—good and bad. Their lives and minds are too busy to reflect on the “one thing needful” for their life…

Even if you know everything in the world you are superficial if you do not ask yourself who am I? Why do I exist? What is the destiny of my life? Why did God create me? If I believe in God, what does God want from me? These things when you live in freedom you do not ask yourself because you are in a hurry to do a lot of things . . . you do not have the time to meditate on who you are.

– Kevin Scherer, Truly Human

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By Rich
TheoCenTriC Stumbling Toward Christ

Rev. Rich Vincent

After 24 years of pastoring, I continue to stumble toward Christ, and invite you to do the same. Prayerfully hoping the material on this site will aid you to this end. Grace and peace!