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Americans believe, first, in a serviceable God. We want a God who meets our needs, who provides altars where we can get good service. Second, we want a friendly God, who blesses us as we become comfortable, wealthy, and successful… Americans are practical people, who want a pragmatic faith. The objects of our attention have become our God, and fulfilling our desires has become our religion…

The central question… is not whether Americans are religious but how we are religious…

Though we claim to serve things that are sacred, in actuality we deem sacred those things that serve us… [T]he way we respond to things (perhaps by acting with a devotion that attributes ultimacy) can make something religious that is not meant to be religious at all…

Americans have constructed “altars” from the stuff of popular culture—namely, body and sex, entertainment, sports, politics, big business, and science and technology—to supplement or supplant the role once occupied by traditional faith.

– The Altars Where We Worship, Juan and Stacey Floyd-Thomas & Mark Toulouse

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By Rich
TheoCenTriC Stumbling Toward Christ

Rev. Rich Vincent

After 24 years of pastoring, I continue to stumble toward Christ, and invite you to do the same. Prayerfully hoping the material on this site will aid you to this end. Grace and peace!