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No Regrets?


I’ve never understood how people can say they don’t have regrets in life. I can’t imagine not wanting to change one single thing. Just because good has come out of bad doesn’t mean we made the right choices. Is there even a need for forgiveness if we wouldn’t change our choices? I live with a mess of regrets. Yet there is freedom and beauty in accepting who we are and who we have become. Good, bad, striving, victory, sin, heartache, joy, love, good times, boredom, success, failure, hurt feelings, the mundane, and excitement have all shaped who I am today. And I like myself. I think I can hold together the ideas that I wish I had made better choices and that my choices have also created who I am today.

– Nathan Foster, The Making of an Ordinary Saint

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By Rich
TheoCenTriC Stumbling Toward Christ

Rev. Rich Vincent

After 24 years of pastoring, I continue to stumble toward Christ, and invite you to do the same. Prayerfully hoping the material on this site will aid you to this end. Grace and peace!