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Hope Springs Eternal

It is this hope that must carry us or we will eventually stumble in our faith. Sometimes it is very easy to give ourselves to others, to walk by faith. We need hope to stand firm in faith! For faith without hope – that is, faith without a future – is dead. Faith cannot stand on its own for long. It needs the mutual support of hope, and love.

We Shall All Be Changed (1 Corinthians 15:50-56)

Though we are slowly being transformed into Christ’s image in the present, we await complete transformation into Christ’s likeness in the future. This final transformation occurs “in a moment.”The great “mystery” is that God will, in an instant, completely restore and renew our humanity to be suited to dwell in God’s immediate presence in new creation.

We Shall Be Like Him: On Bodily Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:35-49)

One cannot imagine a greater nightmare than to be doomed to eternal existence as a reanimated corpse – a zombie. For many modern people, this is exactly what comes to mind when they initially consider the idea of bodily resurrection. They are, quite understandly, revolted at the prospect. But this is not resurrection from a biblical perspective…

A Life That Matters

If death is the end of every story then all our efforts are ultimately meaningless. Metallica is right, “Nothing really matters!” No matter how good, noble, or courageous one’s life, it is ultimately futile, vain, and absurd. This is true even for the story of Jesus!