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All Creation Sings! (Psalm 104)

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus… And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace.” A robust theology of creation does not lead to this world-denying conclusion, but rather results in full and joyous participation in creation. Things do not become dimmer, but rather, they become clearer in light of God’s truth concerning creation.

Cosmic Temple (Genesis 1)

We need to recover a robust theology of creation. In redemption, God’s good creation is not abandoned but inhabited. Salvation is not an escape from creation but the ultimate sanctifying of creation. The Christian tradition, therefore, takes issue with materialists – who reduce reality to mere matter – and spiritualists – who deny that matter actually matters.

God’s Universe

Harvard professor Owen Gingerich believes “that the universe has been created with intention and purpose, and that this belief does not interfere with the scientific enterprise.” His book provides a helpful and much-needed reflection on the limitations, interaction, and integration of both science and faith – physics and metaphysics.

Material Spirituality

True spirituality does not transcend creation, but meets God in the midst of God’s creation. God can be found in and through God’s creation because God is for his creation! Authentic Christian spirituality is a material spirituality – a spirituality rooted in creation and new creation through the eternal uniting of Creator and creature in the gift of Jesus Christ.

Creation Spirituality

True spirituality does not seek to transcend creation. Instead, true spirituality meets God in the midst of God’s creation.