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Wrestling with Incurable Cancer

J. Todd Billings is a theology professor who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in the fall of 2012 at age 39. His book, Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer and Life in Christ, is a collection of his theological and personal reflections in light of his terminal disease. Whether one likes it or […]

Good Grief! Life After Loss

To live is to face loss. This is an inevitable part of human experience. No one is exempt from this reality. If we live long enough we will inevitably lose friends, family, loved ones, our job, our health, our independence. In order to thrive in an imperfect world where loss is to be expected, we must learn how to do healthy “grief work.”

Alzheimer’s, A Love Story

A Curious Kind of Widow

Can one love when the object of one’s love is only capable of limited response – at best, a brief moment of recognition immediately followed by forgetfulness? Is love only real in the context of a remembered past and hopeful future, or can love be just as real when it only exists in the present moment?

Set the World on Fire (Luke 12:49-53)

In order to heal we must often wound. In order to remove cancer, a surgeon must slice open the body and cut out the malignant cells. This is painful, yet necessary, in order to deal with such a deeply invasive evil. The infliction of pain is not the ultimate goal, but a tragic consequence, of the procedure. It reflects the depth of the problem.

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