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The Word of Life: The Plot Twist that Changes Everything (John 1:1-5)

Plot twists force us to rethink everything in light of what’s been true from the beginning. This is what makes plot twists so interesting. In the prologue of John’s Gospel, Jesus is the “Word” that changes everything. He is the new twist to the plot that redefines everything.

Humanity Matters: Incarnational Spirituality

Authentic Christian spirituality is fully human, fully embodied. In our culture, human limitations are often perceived as obstacles to unhindered union with God. On the contrary, it is precisely in and through our humanity that we experience God. Christian spirituality is not an attempt to escape our humanity but to embrace God in and through it.

The Incarnation


Why the God-Man?

Without the humanity of Jesus – not just during his earthly ministry, but now in his heavenly ministry – there is no Christian salvation. Through the incarnation, God unites humanity to deity. This union is not temporary. It is permanent! Through Jesus’ present glorified humanity we share in the life and love – the divine dance – of the Triune God.

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