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Jesus After Modernity

The modern mind is half-witted, favoring analysis over
synthesis. While purporting to be objective, certain, and precise, it deceives itself in regard to so-called objectivity and overreaches in its attempt to explain the whole of life, instead offering only a truncated notion of truth. Life is full of ambiguities and contradictions. No matter what we do, we cannot eliminate the human context in which we must always perceive the truth.

Patience with God

Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Joker is the embodiment of pure nihilism. To the Joker, the world has no meaning; life makes no sense. The most sane response to an absurd reality is insanity, absurdity, chaos, and destruction. Unlike most villains Joker seeks no good – because there is no good. All attempts at good are insane. His only wish is to spread his madness to the world.

Walking a Fine Line in a Secular World

We dwell in a secular world, but we believe in a sacramental world – a world alive in God, created by God for God. The gospel will always clash with secularity. Reason is not the ultimate authority. Matter is not all that matters. And yet in spite of its extremes, secularity has much to commend it. We would do well to affirm its positives while critiquing its negatives.

Christ Our Joy

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