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Fighting Fear 365 Days a Year

In the sacred scriptures, we are constantly admonished to “fear not” because fear is a spiritual and moral issue. Fear keeps us from becoming the kind of people God wants us to be. When fear rules our lives, there is no place for faith, courage, hope, risk, or love. Following Jesus requires that we fight fear and step out “into faith’s daring.”

The Great Amen

The problem with agnosticism is that it is empty of any real significance to human life. It is incapable of realization and can neither be embodied nor practiced. It offers an intangible solution to a very substantive problem. It attempts to avoid the unavoidable by abstention. But only a firm “yes” or “no” to the question of God has any real practical significance.

Does Faith Matter? (Psalm 73)

How can God be good when the godless prosper and the godly suffer? Is faith in God vain? Unable to harmonize his belief in God’s absolute goodness with his experience, Asaph expresses his feelings of envy and bitterness. In the end, he affirms deep devotion to God. What made the difference?

Forever Young

We are to “grow up” by “growing young” for “spiritual childhood is not only the way to Heaven, it is Heaven’s very life.” I would like to help you “grow young” by nurturing a childlike faith – the mark of true greatness in God’s kingdom.