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Good News of God’s Gracious Love

Theologian Shirley Guthrie’s marvelous and inspiring reflection on the good news of the gospel: What it is. What it’s not. What it means for us. What we must accept!

Saving and Secular Faith

Holier-Than-Thou Wholly-For-You

When we think of a “perfect” or “sinless” person, we usually think of someone who is “holier-than-thou” and snobbish. But in Jesus we discover that the only one who is truly “holier-than-thou” is wholly for us. His holiness is that of otherly love – love of another kind! His perfection does not make him less-than-human, but rather, truly human.

Mirror of God

“God is one; but God is not alone.” No matter how powerful and fulfilling our personal experience of God is, we can never fully reflect God’s life and love as an isolated individual. Only in community do we mirror the trinitarian glory. We must reflect the us-ness of God.

Home: Life in God

Everyone desires to experience home. This is why the word “home” is so precious to us. We all desire to belong to another and dwell in that belonging. No one wants to be “homeless.” The story of salvation can be understood in this way: God, our true home makes his home among us (John 1:1,14) in order to make his home in us (John 14:23). God wants us to abide in him and welcome his abiding in us.

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