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From Wild Man to Wise Man

Richard Rohr’s deep and profound Christian reflection on the distinct nature of male spirituality points us to the God who is free and wild – the God we cannot control or manipulate. This is difficult for men to receive. This language makes men feel useless, impotent, and ineffective.

Grow Old Along With Me

I will be painfully honest: I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of old age! I believe in eternal life and the resurrection of the dead. I don’t believe that death is the end. The hope of resurrection gives me personal comfort in life and in death. But I have seen firsthand the trials and tribulations of old age. The challenges that accompany the senior years overwhelm me.

Aging in the Lord

Certain Change

Change is the one certainty of life. Life is simply a series of transitions from one stage of human development to another. Each major stage involves separation from previous attachments and lifts us to a higher level of self-awareness. Although each separation is painful, each new stage provides the potential to grow in our expression of love to others.