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The Passion of Our Lord – Eros, Part 2

In the Song of Songs – just as in the opening chapters of the Bible – we encounter a man and a woman in a garden, naked and unashamed. Just as in Eden, God pronounces a blessing on the delightful and fulfilling love of eros. Our human experience of eros is a faint glimpse of God’s passion for us. Only eros can communicate the intensity of divine love.


The truth is that we are objects of God’s chase. We are being furiously pursued by none other than the living God. We no longer have to feverishly fight to maintain perfect faith. Instead, we can rest in God’s faithfulness.

The Rule of Love

Clinging to a “rule of faith” is not enough. We must also seek to express our faith through a commitment to “a rule of love.” Every religious belief and practice must lead to this end – the love of God and the love of others. Anything that undermines, eclipses, or negates this end is misguided.

God: Holy or Loving? (Isaiah 6)

For some Christians, God’s holiness is the very reason he must judge sin and destroy all that is imperfect. But when God’s holiness is understood rightly, we discover that it is the very reason God refuses to come in judgment. God’s holiness points to a love of another kind!

A Universal Call to Love

I agree with this book’s spirit — we should live God’s love for all people — but I reject its conclusion that only those who embrace universalism can love all people. We can universally love all people without embracing universalism.

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