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THE Last Question (John 21)

Like Tevye pestering his wife in “Fiddler of the Roof” Jesus pesters us as well: “Do you love me?” He persistently needles us into action by confronting us with the most important question, for our answer to “Do you love me?” matters more than anything else.

The Word of Life: The Plot Twist that Changes Everything (John 1:1-5)

Plot twists force us to rethink everything in light of what’s been true from the beginning. This is what makes plot twists so interesting. In the prologue of John’s Gospel, Jesus is the “Word” that changes everything. He is the new twist to the plot that redefines everything.

When Less is More, More is Less, and More is More

More is not always better. Therefore treasures, riches, and wealth should not be solely defined in material categories. Will you choose the better way of simple faith, love, and gratitude? Or will you stumble through life, grasping at all the stuff? Don’t make the mistake of getting everything you want but nothing you really need!

Making Sense of Scripture

Sidetracked: Three Detours that Sideline Christ (Colossians 2:16-3:4)

We believe what we do not completely understand or feel. Because of this, we are tempted to establish more “certain” criteria to evaluate our spiritual state. Through a preoccupation with legalism, mysticism, or ascetism, we lose focus on Christ… and become proud, self-centered, and exclusive.

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